Atrex 15 Change List

The following is a list of changes that have been made to the Atrex 15 package, broken down into functional areas.

Purchase Orders
Service Orders
Printing/Report Designer
Functionality Changes


  • Modified transaction logout security function to prevent users from being able to bypass the login by keeping multiple active windows open.
  • Added function to view the Atrex audit trails.
  • Added spell checking to the memo field on the banking check/withdrawal/deposit windows.
  • Added option to copy client/server backups from the server to the local workstation.
  • Added option to restore to a client/server database from the server to the local workstation.
  • Added ability to view which computers/users are connected to the current database via the Atrex information window.
  • Modified customer and vendor email selection from the email window to allow selection of contacts in addition to the primary contact.
  • Added transaction lock tracking to allow viewing of which transaction is locked by which user on which computer. Enabled for Sales, Service, PO, and RMA functions.
  • Delimited text Multiple Serial Number entry for PO receiving, invoices, Orders, Service Orders, and RMAs.
  • Improved handling of lost client/server connections when attempting to save transactions.
  • Added button on main windows for Invoices, Orders, Quotes, Service Orders, and POs to expose transaction level functions such as changing the customer or transaction date.


  • Faster printing/page rendering with an updated print engine.
  • Modified AR Revenue report to calculate total collected and payment types simultaneously to reduce time required to generate report and reduce impact on the server.
  • Modified stock code information and customer information windows to reduce initial load time.
  • Improved the performance of the initial cached lookup loading process for WAN access.
  • Significantly Improved synchronization performance of new stock codes in mobile locations with the main database.

Standard Field Size Changes

  • Increased the length of the document description from 45 to 90 for stock codes, customers, and vendors.
  • Increased the default PO reference field length to 20 characters on sales and service transactions.

User Defined Field Sizes

  • Made the PO reference field on sales, service, and PO transactions user sizeable.
  • Made the Terms field on sales and service transactions user sizeable.


Invoices/Orders/Quotes - Common

  • Modifying ANY value of the tax information within a transaction will clear the tax category value to prevent improper reporting.
  • Invoice/SO Item window price field label will be changed to bold and show that it is a special price if the price on a transaction item was set by customer special pricing.
  • Added a contact field to specify the contact for the customer/company associated with the transaction.

Recurring Invoices

  • Added options for sending recurring invoices to both printer and the customer email address or an alternate address.
  • Added print preview for Recurring Invoices to allow preview of what the next invoice would look like for a recurring invoice.
  • Added Clone Recurring Invoice function.


  • Modified PO creation prompt after creating orders to allow for creating POs for only needed items or all items on the order.
  • Added option on order shipping window to hide items that have been previously shipped in full.
  • Added Previously Shipped quantity to list of available fields in the order creation/editing dialog.
  • Order notes are now displayed as part of the prompt for transferring the notes during order shipping.


  • Minimum and Target quantity values are now cleared on the target item when cloning to prevent accidental ordering of items.
  • Added DateAdded column to the stock code table to allow for use with custom reports.
  • Added available, allocated, on-order and on-rma quantities to the view related codes window.
  • Added function to resize existing images based upon the maximum image width and/or height settings specified in the company setup.

Stock Information Window

  • Added flag to stock code to indicate that added description is required for the item on sales and service transactions.
  • Added stock code flag to prevent increment scan on individual items.
  • Added ability to right click on related items in stock code information window and navigate to that item or edit that item in a separate window.

Stock Label Printing

  • Inventory label printing function is now an active window if initiated from the main program window which allows other functions to be used while creating an inventory label list..

Stock Code Selection Window

  • Added HasImage and OnlineName fields to list of customizable fields.

Purchase Orders

  • Added option on PO receiving list to hide items that have been previously received in full.
  • Added contact lookup field to indicate the specific contact at the vendor for the purchase order.
  • Added raw cost to PO receiving table to save the receiving cost of items without added shipping for use in custom reports.
  • Added user prompt to confirm large scale changes on costs when receiving, preventing change of cost by accidentally scanning a bar code on serialized items.


Customer Information Window

  • Added flag to customer record to indicate that they don't want backorders.


Vendor Information Window

  • Added right click option to create purchase orders and RMAs from the vendor editing window.


  • New single window password change function to make changing passwords faster and easier.
  • Added user option to exclude individual users from transaction logouts.
  • Added additional security option to control editing of closed purchase orders.
  • Added ability to restrict non-manager user to view and edit only customers associated with the current Atrex user.
  • Added option to allow user to view Atrex audit trails.
  • Changing or resetting a user password can be propagated across multiple databases.


  • Added new Rapid SO function. Create a new SO and complete it as part of the same function.
  • Modifying ANY value of the tax information within a transaction clears the tax category value.
  • Added the date that a SO deposit was created to the SO deposit window.


  • Added remaining payment amount to the AR Payment Application window.
  • Added ability to double click on the payment field to enter the balance of the transaction (less any discount) on the AR Payment Application window.
  • Added ability to view outstanding transactions from the AR payment window.
  • AR undo function now shows both posting detail from payments/credits to transactions and from transactions back to the payments/credits. Unposting is allowed from either the payment/credit or the transaction detail.
  • Added selected source account and account balance to the banking withdrawal window.
  • Added selected source and target account balances to the banking transfer window.


  • Stock Code, Customer, and Vendor exports can be saved to Excel XLS and XLSX formats.
  • Export SQL Query results can now be saved to Excel XLS and XLSX formats.
  • Added separate function to allow for reprinting of SO Deposits.
  • Added ability to export vendor list to comma or tab delimited text file.



  • Added option to disable 90 day password expiration if credit card processing is not enabled.
  • Added option to disable 30 minute idle logout if credit card processing is not enabled.
  • Added options to specify maximum width and/or height for images loaded into Atrex to reduce the amount of space required for image storage.
  • Added option to force use of company logo for the background image.
  • Added company option to specify default number of quote copies to print.
  • Added option to skip sales order number entry and proceed directly to order selection window for order shipping.


  • Added Master Customer to the list of importable customer fields.
  • Category lookup validation routines are automatically run after importing inventory or customers if a category field is included in the list of imported fields.


  • Added a prompt to allow user to update the payment type on the payment table for existing transactions if the payment name changes.
  • Added ability to restart the database server engine from within the server administrator.
  • Modified the client/server automated backup function to maintain number of backup copies in the copy location to prevent the copy location from becoming full. (Requires backup setup to be touched to implement).
  • Modified the transaction close functions to prevent closing of transactions (Customer RMA, RMA, PO, Invoice, Order, Quote) with only deleted entries, to prevents users without transaction void rights from simulating a void by deleting the contents of a transaction.
  • Allocated quantity validation routine for now excludes non-depleting items on recurring invoices.
  • Added audit entry for statement processing. Indicates if all customers or single customer.
  • Customer RMA numbers are now pre-allocated to allow you to provide them to the customer while creating the RMA.
  • Customer RMAs can be sent to the customer email address on file without the need to manually enter them.

Report Designer

  • The design tab of the report designer can be zoomed up to 8x the normal display.
  • Added support for QR and Maxicode Bar Codes.

Functionality Changes

This section lists changes to the program that either remove or substantially change previously existing behavior within the Atrex package.

  • If upgrading from v13 or older, all payment information on invoice, order, service orders, and the AR tables has been moved to a separate table. To help reduce the impact of these changes, a optional compatibility mode is present to allow most reports designed for Atrex 11, 12, and 13 to function properly. Once a report is opened and modified in Atrex 15, it must be manually updated to accommodate the new database structure.

If you are upgrading from a version of Atrex earlier than 14, version 15 will also include the changes that went into versions Atrex 8, Atrex 9, Atrex 10, Atrex 11, Atrex 12, Atrex 13, and Atrex 14.

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