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The following list is the changes, corrections, and additions to the Atrex package since the most recent major release.

  • » = New Feature or Functionality

--- Modifications for 17.05 ---

Build 1

  • Tax amounts were not being displayed correctly for the recurring amounts in the recurring invoice editing window.
  • Vendor RMAs were not properly handling removal of serial numbers from open RMAs.
  • Manually entered serial numbers added to a serialized item from a previous transaction were not being displayed in the serial number processing window.
  • Changing the EHF indicator flag from true to false in the stock code editing window was throwing an ElevateDB 506 error when the stock code was saved.
  • EHF codes entered into service orders with more than one job were seeing the EHF items from one job show up on the items list for other jobs.
  • The all items tab on the SO main window was not properly displaying the job number or the container or EHF indicators.
  • Removing all of the items that referenced an EHF item was causing the EHF item to remain with zero quantity.
  • SQL Query window was not printing the results from scripts if they return an active cursor.
  • Modified consolidation of items when creating POs from sales orders to group by stock code and added description to allow for custom detail information to be included on the POs as in previous versions while still reducing the duplication of items.
  • Sales orders, service orders, and quote transfer to invoice functions were not requiring the entry of serial numbers inside of containers under certain conditions.
  • Modified central location selection to preserve procedure and functions if it's accidentally pointed to a data database.
  • Vendor RMA serialized receiving window was hanging in an endless loop when items were credited.

--- End of 17.05 ---

--- Modifications for 17.04 ---

Build 1

  • Reworked the impacted assembly / container cost update function for performance with large quantities of container definitions.
  • Container serialized item SO number was not being set during completion if the serial number was not associated or touched during SO completion.
  • Modified HTML editor to ignore spell check requests if the global spell check option is not enabled.
  • Cloning an open sales order with serial numbers associated with the source order, was transferring the serial numbers to the resulting transaction.
  • Editing a cloned container with serialized items during quote creation was incorrectly requiring serial numbers.
  • Inventory transfer function was not properly retrieving the contents of containers with multiple instances.
  • Inventory transfer editing function was not allowing for serial number entry for serialized items inside of containers.
  • EMV transactions initiated as a credit card but processed and returned as debit card by the merchant processor was updating card on file records with empty tokens.
  • Disabled as you type spell checking for the HTML editor as it was to disruptive for some users.
  • Added spell checking button in the HTML source window to manually initiate spell checking.
  • Modified CC token management to prevent updating card on file tokens when a card present transaction does not return a token.
  • Value ranges were not being properly enforced for the company decimal and weight precision and transaction search days values.
  • Modified serial number receiving to validate the receiving multiple quantity before closing the serial number entry window.
  • Minor performance tweak to the update to current pricing function for orders and quotes.
  • Purchase order creation / editing was not displaying the correct total weight when items with a sale to order unit other than 1.
  • Fixed memory leak in banking withdrawal creation function.
  • Serial editing window was throwing an ElevateDB 506 error when attempting to display the serial number link information.
  • Inventory item transfer window was not properly activating the quantity field when automatically initiating the insertion function.
  • Inventory transfer function was throwing a foreign key violation if attempting to transfer an item that does not exist in the target location, but matched a value in one of the alternate code fields.

--- End of 17.04 ---

--- Modifications for 17.03 ---

Build 2

  • Recurring invoice processing was not updating the cycle quantity or next quantity.
  • Added potential fix to scheduler window to resolve attempted access to the label and resource tables before they were opened.

Build 1

  • » Added check to import file specifications window to verify existence of the entered text file name before closing the window.
  • Modified SO completion to prevent saving serialized items with negative quantity.
  • Recurring invoice preview next invoice function was showing the existing quantities rather than the "next" quantities.
  • Serialized item SO number was not being set during completion if the serial number was not associated or touched during SO completion.
  • Automatic registration update information was not being retrieved properly.
  • Recurring invoice editing function was showing next quantities for both the next and recurring values.
  • Sequence order numbers were not being retrieved properly in recurring invoices, resulting in items always being sorted by stock code.
  • Recurring invoice processing was not setting the payment type text properly.
  • Update to current price function was updating from the currently selected item forward only.
  • Modified the "Update" function of the price category maintenance window to properly handle locked stock codes.
  • Fixed incorrect external module version being shipped with Atrex 17.
  • Database administrator not allowing removal of replication target job if the source server could not be connected or a source database was not selected.*
  • Modified database administrator for additional information to indicate if the replication or backup jobs are present but disabled.*
  • Emailed backup complete message subject was incorrectly indicating an error during the backup rather than completion.*
  • Attempting to print labels for items with a zero label quantity was causing an application hang.
  • Vendor RMA report was printing a blank page at the front of the report if there were enough line items to require multiple pages.

* Requires that the database server engine be updated.

--- End of 17.03 ---

--- Modifications for 17.02 ---

Build 1

  • » Improved order shippable status calculation by aggregating the high level items and container items before determining availability.
  • » Added Date Out as an available fields for grid customization on the SO selection window.
  • Modified internal memory tables to disable aggregate value calculation during updates for performance.
  • Modified order open selection window to disable the table navigation notifications for performance.
  • HTML editor was not allowing for selection of text via mouse.
  • Modified vendor code retrieval to improve performance during PO functions.
  • Setting the transaction level discount for invoices, order, and quotes from non-zero to zero was not removing the discount.
  • PO post-receiving price updates were not being saved to the database.
  • Serialized item aggregate values were not being calculated. This resulted in the sercost field on the transaction items to be zero.
  • Switching from service order to service order quote history in the customer SO history window with the grid expanded to show line item detail was throwing an AV.
  • HTML editor edit source button was not bringing up the modified HTML within the editor.
  • AR revenue report not summing credit card transaction counts properly.
  • Closing a print preview window (print to screen) before it completed printing was throwing an AV.
  • Changed recurring invoice retry credit card processing to leave the CC processing error in place if the user opted to not apply the card because of transaction date or if the card authorization failed, and clear the flag if a CC retry is no longer applicable.
  • Removed redundant code from internal object management for performance.
  • Redesigned internal object storage to use JSON instead of XML for performance.
  • Modified internal memory tables to disable aggregate values and control updates when merging change logs for performance.
  • Edit order function was leaving the order item list showing deltas only when prompting to print the order. Functionality was correct, but confusing.
  • Reprinting a PO receiving list with serial numbers on it was throwing an error indicating that the OwningGUID was not assigned.
  • Setting a "Like" filter and then clearing the value without deleting the filter entry was throwing a invalid filter expression error.
  • Sale price was not being set for sale items even if the current date was within the sale price date range.
  • In-Memory database schema used for replication error reporting was not persisting after a server engine restart. A reconfiguration of error reporting settings is required to resolve this issue.
  • Application was hanging when attempting to save a SO job flagged as warranty.
  • The suggested reorder quantity on the stock code selection and information windows was incorrectly using the minimum quantity for the reorder suggested quantity instead of the target quantity.
  • Extended price and cost values were not being recalculated while using the scan function from sales order shipping.
  • Adding two separate products on the same transaction which reference the same EHF code was throwing an AV.
  • Fixed memory leak in EHF processing loop.
  • Adding a SO job template with serialized items during SO completion or Rapid SO was not setting the serial numbers required flags.
  • Deleting all EHF items and reinserting them as part of the line item Add/Edit/Delete process was preventing the ability to manually change the position of EHF items.
  • Items on a voided invoice or SO were NOT being returned to inventory if the user did not opt to delete all related history.
  • Updated database engine to EDB 2.26 build 7.

--- End of 17.02 ---

--- Modifications for 17.01 ---

Build 1

  • » Added ability to double click items on SO main window parts list to edit the associated job.
  • » Added ability to Ctrl-Click the address selection button on the alternate shipping dialog to select and populate the address fields from the addresses on the customer record associated with the transaction.
  • Default payment type strings were not being set when taking a SO deposit.
  • Modified retrieval of payment type strings to ensure that blank entries in the lookup table get set to the proper default values.
  • Corrected focus issue which causes field input caret on all stock code information window edit fields to be hidden when the dataset is put into edit mode.
  • Inventory label printing batch insertion is failing when adding items by on-hand quantity and there are items with an on-hand quantity <= 0.
  • Added code to modify export file name for emailed reports if the standard export file name is already in use.
  • Shipped total values were not being recalculated after using the scan function from sales order shipping.
  • Order shippable status calculation was ignoring the inventory non-depleting flag.
  • Added code to try and ensure that the idle login window is displayed as the topmost window.
  • Fixed memory leak in PO reprint function if the reprint was cancelled at the output destination window.
  • An AV message is being displayed on startup if a C/S location is configured to maximum compression and the database is missing the ulayout table.
  • Inventory transfer function is failing when serialized items are present.
  • Fixed multiple memory leaks in inventory transfer function.
  • Inventory item transfer window was not setting the keyboard focus on the quantity field.
  • Sales order purge history was not excluding open sales orders.
  • Fixed quantity and stock code entry field focus issue when using the Rapid Invoice function.
  • SO return items were not "sticking" if they were returned via original transaction item selection.
  • Editing a completed SO return is throwing an AV, resulting in the transaction being locked.
  • Modified recurring invoice retry credit card to disallow the retry if payment has been made to the transaction either by directly editing the invoice or via the AR payment function.
  • Setting the shipped quantity back to zero on a non-container item in order shipping is throwing an AV.
  • Added code to attempt to compensate for incompatibility with newer User Interface components with Windows XP on startup.
  • Deleting a serialized item from a service order is throwing an error indicating that the FireDAC dataset is not in edit mode.
  • RMA serialized receiving is incorrectly updating the last entry in the receiving list instead of the selected entry.
  • Order shipping is not preserving the original container number, potentially causing missing container items when editing the original order, or duplicated items on other transactions with containers.
  • Invoice and SO returns were not managing the container items properly, resulting in either missing or duplicate items in the original and target transactions.
  • Added code to help prevent access violations when closing the application with report preview windows visible.
  • Tab delimited text file exports through the print engine was wrapping string fields in double quote characters.
  • Batch PO creation was not setting the ItemGUID field correctly, resulting in the received quantity not being updated on the PO items when receiving.
  • Help popup descriptions for image hot areas were being displayed in the main help window instead of as a popup.

--- End of 17.01 ---

--- 17.00 build 72 - Initial Release ---

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