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The following list is the changes, corrections, and additions to the Atrex package since the most recent major release.

  • » = New Feature or Funcationality

--- Modifications for 17.01 ---

Build 1

  • » Added ability to double click items on SO main window parts list to edit the associated job.
  • » Added abiility to Ctrl-Click the address selection button on the alternate shipping dialog to select and populate the address fields from the addresses on the customer record associated with the transaction.
  • Default payment type strings were not being set when taking a SO deposit.
  • Modified retrieval of payment type strings to ensure that blank entries in the lookup table get set to the proper default values.
  • Corrected focus issue which causes field input caret on all stock code information window edit fields to be hidden when the dataset is put into edit mode.
  • Inventory label printing batch insertion is failing when adding items by on-hand quantity and there are items with an on-hand quantity <= 0.
  • Added code to modify export file name for emailed reports if the standard export file name is already in use.
  • Shipped total values were not being recaclulated after using the scan function from sales order shipping.
  • Order shippable status calculation was ignoring the inventory non-depleting flag.
  • Added code to try and ensure that the idle login window is displayed as the topmost window.
  • Fixed memory leak in PO reprint function if the reprint was cancelled at the output destination window.
  • An AV message is being displayed on startup if a C/S location is configured to maximum compression and the database is missing the ulayout table.
  • Inventory transfer function is failing when serialized items are present.
  • Fixed multiple memory leaks in inventory transfer function.
  • Inventory item transfer window was not setting the keyboard focus on the quantity field.
  • Sales order purge history was not excluding open sales orders.
  • Fixed quantity and stock code entry field focus issue when using the Rapid Invoice function.
  • SO return items were not "sticking" if they were returned via original transaction item selection.
  • Editing a complted SO return is throwing an AV, resulting in the transaction being locked.
  • Modified recurring invoice retry credit card to disallow the retry if payment has been made to the transaction either by directly editing the invoice or via the AR payment function.
  • Setting the shipped quantity back to zero on a non-container item in order shipping is throwing an AV.
  • Added code to attempt to compensate for incompatibility with newer User Interface components with Windows XP on startup.
  • Deleting a serialized item from a service order is throwing an error indicating that the FireDAC dataset is not in edit mode.
  • RMA serialized receiving is incorrectly updating the last entry in the receiving list instead of the selected entry.
  • Order shipping is not preserving the original container number, potentially causing missing container items when editing the original order, or duplicated items on other transactions with containers.
  • Invoice and SO returns were not managing the container items properly, resulting in either missing or duplicate items in the original and target transactions.
  • Added code to help prevent access violations when closing the application with report preview windows visible.
  • Tab delimited text file exports through the print engine was wrapping string fields in double quote characters.
  • Batch PO creation was not setting the ItemGUID field correctly, resulting in the received quantity not being updated on the PO items when receiving.
  • Help popup desciptions for image hot areas were being displayed in the main help window instead of as a popup.

--- End of 17.01 ---

--- 17.00 build 72 - Initial Release ---

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