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Atrex Customization

Is Atrex close, but not quite specific enough for your needs? Millennium Software can customize the Atrex package for you to meet your specific requirements. Please supply your specific written requirements and we will provide you with a quote for the customization. Quotations for customization incur a fee of $125 due at the time the quote is submitted and will be credited against the actual development if the project is accepted.

Customization of the Atrex package is available to registered users of currently supported versions, and there is a 10 hour minimum for any program change to the base package. All customization services are performed on an hourly basis at a rate of $125/hour in addition to the standard Atrex licensing fees.

Also, please be aware that once the actual Atrex code is modified, the custom version is no longer subject to the normal program corrections or updates.

Report Customization:

Would you like to change the layout of one or more of the reports that Atrex provides, or have a custom report created for you? Millennium Software would be pleased to provide you with report customization services or direct you to someone who can do the work for you. Please note that report customization is only available for currently supported versions.

If you would like a completely new custom report, please provide a sample of how you want the report to look. Use your favorite word processor to create a sample report showing what information you want on the report, as well as where you want the information to be placed.

If you want a current report or printout customized, simply print a sample of the report as it currently exists, mark your changes on the report and then either fax or mail the marked up report.

If you have a preprinted form that you would like to use for invoicing, orders, etc., send a few samples of the preprinted form along with one copy marked up with what information you want printed and where you want it printed. When customizing a report to fit on a preprinted form, Millennium Software requires several original copies of the form to work with to ensure that the information is placed where it is expected. Due to distortion and other problems involved with faxing, only a quote can be provided from a faxed document.

All report customization services are performed on an hourly basis at a rate of $125/hour with a 1/2 hour minimum.

Data Conversion

If you have data in a format that is not readily imported into Atrex, we can help. Send us the data as an email attachment or contact us for FTP upload instructions and we can give you a quote on the time required to convert the data. In general, it takes aproximately 1 to 1.5 hours per database for a custom conversion from a directly readable data format.

Custom Development

Can't find a shareware or commercial package that fits your needs? Millennium Software, Inc. can provide programming services to develop a package specifically for your needs.

Please supply your DETAILED written requirements and you will be provided a quote for the development. Registration of Atrex is not required for non-Atrex related development.

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