Atrex 18 Change List

The following is a list of changes that have been made to the Atrex 18 package, broken down into functional areas.

Purchase Orders
Reports / Export
Reports/Report Designer
Resolved Issues
Functionality Changes

Changes that are preceded by (v17) indicate that this function was added to the Atrex package in a minor release of Atrex 17. Changes that have a ^ entry after them indicate that users with customized grid layouts will need to reset the specified grid to the window defaults to enable this feature.




  • AR record inserts and updates have been moved from Atrex to the database level to reduce the I/O and time involved in AR functions.
  • Redesigned the AR cascade balance function for performance, both for changes involving a large number of records and for changes involving just the last record for an account. For large customer accounts changes to older transactions take seconds to cascade the changes rather than minutes.
  • Updated the database engine to version 2.28. This update includes improved multi-user record / row locking performance, which reduces the contention for the database in larger environments.
  • Enabled SQL statement and function caching. This will greatly improve the performance of functions and reports that use subqueries.
  • Reworked the delayed entry searching for inventory, customers, and vendors to remove some of the initial delay before searches are performed.
  • Improved the internal transaction line item processing performance to reduce delays when having to walk through all of the items on large transactions.
  • Improved the performance when handling large quantities of serial numbers on invoices and service orders.
  • Modified scheduler dialog to significantly reduce the display time for subsequent displays of the scheduler with large numbers of events and/or resources.
  • Reduced the compression level used for standard backups to reduce the amount of time required to create backups with large databases.
  • Modified the C/S replication setup to reduce the amount of time required to create the replication base copy.

    Field Sizes
  • Increased size of Status Lookup field from 15 to 20.
  • Increased PO receiving invoice field to 25 to handle Amazon and other longer invoice numbers.
  • Modified the transaction reference field to be user sizeable.


  • Large File Support is now standard, allowing for individual tables up to 128GB without having to make changes to the server engine settings.
  • Added Drag and drop for load from file into Invoices, Orders, Quotes, SOs, Purchase Orders, Code Labels, Inventory Transfer, Inventory Worksheet.
  • Implemented increment scan for transaction container customization.
  • Enabled Cell hints for the high level transactions on the customer sales and service history windows to provide additional information when viewing history.
  • Existing file extension will automatically be re-added to the file name when saving documents from the customer, stock code, and vendor documents tabs if the user changes the file name and does not specify an extension.
  • The credit card signature prompt will no longer be displayed when processing a card on file, as the customer is usually not present. If a signature device is configured, the user can manually initiate a signature request if desired.
  • Added scheduler option setting to enable reminders by default when creating new events.




  • Customized container items can now contain duplicate stock codes.

Recurring Invoices

  • Added line item count and quantity summaries to the recurring invoice window.


  • Added Ship Via and Contact fields to the list of available customization fields on the open order selection window.
  • The force closed Order function now allows multiple select of orders.
  • (v17) Improved order shippable status calculation by aggregating the high level items and container items before determining availability.


  • Added right click ability to stock code information window (popup on left side grid), and selection window to copy current stock code to clipboard.
  • Updated version of the HTML editor to resolve some outstanding issues.
  • Improved spell checker integration in the HTML editor to highlight spelling errors while typing.
  • (v17) Added spell checking button in the HTML source window to manually initiate spell checking.


Purchase Orders

  • The force closed PO function now allows multiple select of POs.


  • Added images to Service Orders and Service Order Quotes.
  • (v17) Added Date Out as an available fields for grid customization on the SO selection window.
    (v17) Added ability to double click items on SO main window parts list to edit the associated job.



  • Added previously received column to the customer RMA receiving window.


  • Added the group name to the user selection window to indicate which access group a user is part of.
  • Added quick toggles for access blocks on the user information window to allow for quick toggling of access for everything in the panel.

Reports / Export

  • Added sales report to show customers where monthly invoice sales fall by more than a certain threshold.
  • Added ability to open new report designer windows from within the report designer via the file menu.
  • Added ability to open new SQL query windows from the SQL query file menu.
  • Added the ability to sort by Vendor on the PO history reports.



  • Limit editing of invoices and completed service orders by non-managers to a specific number of days.
  • Company information and settings will be refreshed on the workstations every 5 minutes, without the need to restart Atrex to pick up the changes.


  • Import function will now automatically detect comma or tab delimited text, eliminating the need to know the format ahead of time.
  • (v17) Added check to import file specifications window to verify existence of the entered text file name before closing the window.

Reports/Report Designer

  • Updated the print engine to version 19 for improved performance and add new functionality to the report designer.

Resolved Issues

This section lists corrections to issues in the program that were identified after the last build of v17 and fixed during the development of v18.

  • Modified non-database table views, such as the open order selection window, to handle non-wild carded "like" searches to be handled like standard table based views.
  • Corrected a major memory leak in the recurring invoice "Preview Next Invoice" function.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the included months on recurring invoices when using the back bill option.
  • Fixed customer RMA item original invoice number field entry length. It was accepting unlimited text but truncating the entered value when saved.
  • Fixed EHF code in memory that was being limited to 20 characters, resulting in truncation and mismatch if the user has increased the length of the stock codes beyond 20 characters.
  • Added code to prevent the removal of procedures and functions if the user accidentally points the central path to the data path.
  • Fixed issue where the Increment scan for order shipping is not "holding" the scan quantity visibility when looping between items.
  • Modified the HTML editor to clear the edit history when moving to a different stock code to prevent undo and redo edits from being applied to the wrong product.
  • Fixed HTML editor zoom setting slider not being visible when the zoom level was less than 125%.
  • Fixed credit card expiration date truncation when saving card on file entries when the system date format used a date separator other than a slash.
  • Disabled partial authorization when processing debit cards. Processing a pre-paid credit card through the debit card processing could potentially result in an authorization of only part of the requested amount, but indicate that the full amount was authorized.
  • Fixed program hang when creating a purchase order from a sales order that contains an item with zero quantity.
  • Sequence of container items was always printing in stock code order.
  • Users restricted to seeing only customers assigned to them were able to create customers that were not associated with their user ID.
  • Fixed inability to rename a payee without any transaction references..
  • Reprint SO Quote is now correctly linked to the ability to create SO Quotes.

Functionality Changes

This section lists changes to the program that either remove or substantially change previously existing behavior within the Atrex package.

  • If upgrading from v16 or older. The transaction line item delete function now behaves consistently within both new and edit functions. Line items when deleted, are deleted permanently without the ability to undelete them. This immediately releases the serial numbers associated with the deleted items and allows them to be added to a different stock code instance or container if they were added to the deleted item during the current editing session.
  • If upgrading from v13 or older, all payment information on invoice, order, service orders, and the AR tables has been moved to a separate table. To help reduce the impact of these changes, a optional compatibility mode is present to allow most reports designed for Atrex 11, 12, and 13 to function properly. Once a report is opened and modified in Atrex 18, it must be manually updated to accommodate the new database structure.

If you are upgrading from a version of Atrex earlier than 16, version 18 will also include the changes that went into versions Atrex 8, Atrex 9, Atrex 10, Atrex 11, Atrex 12, Atrex 13, Atrex 14, Atrex 15, Atrex 16, and Atrex 17.

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