Atrex 19 Change List

The following is a list of changes that have been made to the Atrex 19 package, broken down into functional areas.

Purchase Orders
AR / Payables
Reports / Export
Resolved Issues
Functionality Changes

Changes that are preceded by (v18) indicate that this function was added to the Atrex package in a minor release of Atrex 18. Changes that have a ^ entry after them indicate that users with customized grid layouts will need to reset the specified grid to the window defaults to enable this feature.




  • Modified the core window creation function to eliminate a bit of overhead for every window in Atrex to provide a small improvement the user interface display time. While this is a minor performance change, it impacts every window, it will speed things up a bit, especially on slower systems.
  • Modified Stock Code information window to only open the Vendor Code and Images tables if those tabs are opened.
  • Modified background processing to reconnect disconnected sessions due to server restart or terminate them if they cannot successfully be reconnected.
  • Modified the application startup process to reduce the number of calls to the server, reducing the overhead for wide area connections.
  • Consolidated the Scheduler event editing / updating from Customer / Vendor / SO Windows to improve consistency and performance.
  • Reworked temporary report file management to to allow for pending email attachments of the same document / filename for multiple emails.


  • Consolidated print and reprint functionality for major transactions to allow for more consistent behavior.
  • Modified local connection backup function to include ALL tables in the database, even if they were created outside of Atrex.
  • Automated server side backups will now embed the company name in the backup description for easier identification.
  • Removed the "scan" button for debit cards as Atrex no longer supports anything other than end to end encrypted processes for debit cards.
  • Modified image selection functions to only allow entry of image file names that physically exist.
  • Modified the image loading functions to prevent the attempted insertion of damaged images or a files that are not actually images.
  • Added confirmation window when canceling the user defined fields and sizes function to prevent accidental loss of changes.
  • (v18) Added TLS 1.3 support for SMTP, HTTP, and FTP connections made from within Atrex.
  • (v18) Modified Credit Card type detection to handle new Discover range of cards starting with the number '2'.


  • Modified the email window to automatically accommodate multiple lines of address in all address fields.
  • Changed the email window attachment field to a token edit to allow for single click deletion of attachments, or right click deletion of all attachments.
  • Attachment field will show only the file name, but the full file name will be displayed in a popup hint when placing the mouse over an attachment.
  • Added drag and drop capabilities to the email window to allow for adding attachments from Windows Explorer.
  • Added multi-level undo to the email message body editor to allow reversal of files accidentally dragged and dropped into the email body.
  • Added the ability to attach documents from customers, vendors, or stock codes to emails.



  • Added Multi-Select capabilities (via right click option) for stock code selection when inserting items for invoices, orders, quotes, and SOs.
  • Modified invoice and completed SO editing to prevent overpayment if there are AR adjustments to the transaction.
  • Changed Rapid Invoice window to prevent directly editing of the rapid sale customer from that window.
  • Added extended price column footer for invoices, orders, quotes, and SO Job windows.
  • Added the container type to transaction item information window.
  • (v18) Added master customer information to Sales Order and Service Order windows.


  • ^ Added tracking number column to list of available fields for invoice selection window customization.


  • Added the ability to add items to orders during the order shipping function via right click menu.
  • Added function to update all open sales orders to current prices.


  • Added function to update all open sales quotes to current prices.


  • Added option to customer record to prevent the customer account from being processed during statement processing.
  • ^ Added "Last Modified Date" column to list of available fields for the customer selection window and the customer editing window filtering.


  • ^ Added "Date Added" column to list of available fields for the stock code selection window and the stock code editing window filtering.
  • Container definitions now allow for duplicate stock codes based upon the company settings to allow or disallow duplicates for transaction items
  • Enhanced sale price maintenance to allow for sale pricing by inventory category or manufacturer in addition to individual stock codes.
  • Enhanced sale price maintenance to allow for discounting by percentage or specific amounts.
  • Added Below Cost column to sale price maintenance window. Any item with a non-zero price that is discounted below cost will show a warning indicator.
  • Inventory sale price maintenance window is now customizable to allow for addition of inventory alternate codes for reference.
  • Added ability to clone a pricing category.
  • Added ability to select multiple serial numbers for deletion via right click menu on the serialized editing window.
  • Reworked serialized editing window to allow for inline display and filtering on vendor, po number, vendor invoice number.
  • ^ Added "Available" column to list of available fields for the container customization window.


Purchase Orders

  • Modified PO Batch Creation window total calculation to only include items that have quantity, cost, and a vendor selected.


  • Added security information tab to service orders. Allows for storage of passwords or other secure information that gets removed from the database when the SO is closed.
  • Added ability to add customer service equipment from the service order window.
  • ^ Added Customer zip code column to list of available fields for SO selection windows.



  • Vendor RMAs now allow for duplicate entries to allow for split expected resolutions for the same stock code.
  • Vendor RMA item quantities are mutually exclusive so that you can only specify stock OR non-stock quantities for a single item.
  • Modified Vendor RMA item receiving to force return of items from the same pool of inventory as they were shipped out. This will prevent items from being pulled from stock inventory and then returned as non-stock.

AR / Payables

  • AR Payment amount will default to zero if the customer account has a negative balance.
  • Added mouse over cell hint to AR undo facility to show the reference number for AR credits created from overpaid transactions.
  • Added memo column to payables selection window.


  • Added user security option to prevent tax category / rate value changes on transactions.

Reports / Export

  • Outstanding PO report can now be limited by vendor, stock code, category, subcategory, and manufacturer.
  • Outstanding PO report can now be sorted by stock code, category, PO number, or vendor.
  • Added Sales and Service reports to show combined high level and container items.
  • Added an inventory non-movement report to show inventory items that have not been sold after a specific date.
  • Added Payables report to view the history for a specific Payee.
  • (v18) Added ability to sort sales analysis report by total gross item sales.



  • Quick setup window now has the option to receive a configuration broadcast.
  • Increased the maximum default history search years to 10.
  • Increased the maximum default transaction search days to 365.
  • Added option to set PO creation item quantity to 0, 1, or the suggested quantity.


  • Added First, Last, and Move by 10 buttons to the import window for easier navigation.
  • Modified navigation buttons on the import window to indicate when at the beginning or ending of the source file.

Resolved Issues

This section lists corrections to issues in the program that were identified after the last build of v18 and fixed during the development of v19.

  • Fixed "DataController not in GridMode" error during stock code multi-select
  • Fixed stock code multi-selection to work properly with batch rename/merge/delete with grouping.
  • Load from file function was not setting the sequence number.
  • SO Quote Job windows were not indicating that they were actually associated with a SO Quote.
  • Merging of container item stock codes was pushing the contents of the source code container definition into the target code container definition, potentially duplicating the owned items.
  • Removed the Credit Card Number field as a selectable column from the customer selection window as this field is no longer actually present in the more recent versions of Atrex.
  • Resolved invalid value error in most instances when entering a negative value and entering just the negative sign before the number.
  • Recurring invoice window was using "Extended" for both the extended price and the extended cost column headers. Modified the Extended Cost column header to indicate to properly indicate the contents of the column.
  • Vendor history window was not displaying the grid with alternating row colors.
  • View Vendor Contacts function was not displaying any contacts.
  • Editing bank account entry information during balancing was not updating the the Number and Date columns when the detail window was closed.
  • RMA Edit function was not properly updating the OnRMA quantity when completely removing items from the RMA.
  • Credit card AVS addresses were not being populated when editing cards from the credit card selection window.
  • Fixed field not found error when attempting to filter by customer name on the customer category, salesperson, or price level maintenance windows.
  • Inventory transfer function was not properly handling container numbering for empty containers.
  • Renaming a custom payment type was not properly updating the payment table.
  • Custom payment types were being truncated in-memory to 16 characters.
  • Renaming a stock code after adding it to a PO direct receive causes an endless loop when saving the receiving session.
  • Loading a prebuilt container was causing save / update errors for all container item contents.
  • Create new user function was incorrectly allowing User IDs with trailing spaces.
  • Attempting to receive the same replacement serial number twice on the same Vendor RMA receiving was causing a constraint violation resulting in an endless loop.

Functionality Changes

This section lists changes to the program that either remove or substantially change previously existing behavior within the Atrex package.

  • If upgrading from v16 or older. The transaction line item delete function now behaves consistently within both new and edit functions. Line items when deleted, are deleted permanently without the ability to undelete them. This immediately releases the serial numbers associated with the deleted items and allows them to be added to a different stock code instance or container if they were added to the deleted item during the current editing session.
  • If upgrading from v13 or older, all payment information on invoice, order, service orders, and the AR tables has been moved to a separate table. To help reduce the impact of these changes, a optional compatibility mode is present to allow most reports designed for Atrex 11, 12, and 13 to function properly. Once a report is opened and modified in Atrex 19, it must be manually updated to accommodate the new database structure.
  • Windows XP and 2008 operating systems are no longer supported.

If you are upgrading from a version of Atrex earlier than 18, version 19 will also include the changes that went into versions Atrex 8, Atrex 9, Atrex 10, Atrex 11, Atrex 12, Atrex 13, Atrex 14, Atrex 15, Atrex 16, Atrex 17, and Atrex 18.

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