Atrex 22 Change List

The following is a list of changes that have been made to the Atrex 22 package, broken down into functional areas.

Purchase Orders
Reports / Export
Resolved Issues
Functionality Changes



Please note Atrex is now exclusively a 64bit application, allowing it to make use of additional CPU resources as well as access to significantly greater amounts of RAM.  This change allows for:

  • Importing and exporting larger data sources, such as Excel spreadsheets.
  • Compatibility with 64bit MAPI programs, such as Outlook.
  • Improved performance when processing large amounts of data. 


  • Modified recurring invoice save function to improve performance when saving a RI with a large number of items.
  • Inventory Serial Edit/Query window now opens almost immediately, regardless of the size of the serialized item table.
  • Eliminated round trips to the server when creating local in-memory tables.
  • Improved performance of serialized inventory quantity validation.


  • Improved US phone field formatting to allow for entry or pasting of phone numbers using dashes or periods, no separators, or parens around area code.
  • Added entries to the audit trail for most manager access override functions.

Credit Card Processing

  • Added ACH credentials on file capabilities for Worldpay and CardKnox.
  • Added Submitted and Pre-Auth flags on the payment window for Worldpay and CardKnox entries to allow for quick visual indication if either are present.
  • The Worldpay and CardKnox payment modules are now included as part of the main Atrex installation.



  • Added internal notes tab to invoice creation/editing window.


  • Added item multi-select to order shipping window to allow for quick shipping of selected items only.
  • Appended the added description for order items to the order pick list.
  • Status value is now cleared when cloning an order.
  • Added warning to order editing to notify users that saving orders with no remaining quantities will result in the order being closed.
  • Restricted ability to create orders with no positive quantity items.


  • Added item multi-select to quote transfer window to allow for quick transfer of selected items only.

Recurring Invoices

  • Reworked recurring invoices to have single management window.
  • Recurring invoice creation and editing windows are now active windows, allowing access to other portions of the program while they are displayed.
  • Added ACH option for payment of recurring invoices.
  • Customer quick notes are now displayed when creating or editing a recurring invoice.
  • Recurring invoice maintenance window will now store multi-column sorting selection when saving the window customization settings.


  • Added multi-select to invoice, order, and quote editing windows to allow for quick deletion of multiple items when cloning transactions.
  • Added internal notes to list of available fields of the transaction selection window for invoices, orders, and quotes.
  • Customer quick notes are now displayed when editing invoices, orders, and quotes.
  • Added ability to store transaction specific documents on invoices, orders, and quotes.

Service Orders

  • Added ability to view profit information at the SO Job level via right click on SO item.
  • Added ability to change the status of a SO from the open selection window via right click.
  • Customer quick notes are now displayed when editing a service order.
  • Status value is now cleared when cloning a SO.


  • Added multi-select to customer Sales and SO history for reprinting.
  • Added ability to store ACH account information on customer record along with image of voided check for verification.


  • Added ability to associate an image with a product category.
  • Added new tab on the stock code information window to display a chart for last 18 months of sales history for the current item.
  • Added new tab on the stock code information window to allow for specifying supplimental categories for use via the Woo Commerce or Zen Cart utilites.
  • Toggling serial numbers in and out of stock will now update the on-hand quantity for the item.
  • Toggling serial numbers out of stock that are linked to an open order or service order will disassociate the serial number from the transaction item.
  • Quantity of items used in prebuilt containers are now tracked and are considered allocated quantities when calculating available quantity.
  • Added alternating line colors to category maintenance window.
  • Modified inventory worksheet and update functions to exclude serialized items.
  • The View Allocated Information window now includes the quantities of items in pending recurring invoices.
  • Added button on stock code selection window to open the current selected product URL in a browser.
  • Added combined inventory search field for description, model and tags field. Allows for searching all three fields using full text filter.
  • Added category filter to top of stock code selection window.
  • Added ability to exclude non-depleting items from the inventory worksheet update.
  • Added the line item added description information to the stock code sales, po, so history history windows.
  • Added copy model to clipboard function right click function on the stock code selection window.
  • Added option to round suggested min and max values down, up, or to 2 decimal places, defaulting to down.
  • Images inserted into the online product description from a file source are now always embedded to prevent bad links when exported. 
  • Individual stock code sale prices can now be imported from file.
  • Added flag to indicate that item is pricing restricted to MSRP.
  • Added ability to filter inventory worksheet update table on the Current and New on hand columns.

Purchase Orders

  • Added the ability to print POs and Receiving Lists from the history grid of the PO Create Item window.
  • Modified PO Batch Creation "Auto Accept Suggested Quantities" function to only apply to the filtered list of items.
  • Added item multi-select to PO Receiving to allow for quick receiving of multiple selected items.
  • Added multi-select to PO Create window to allow for quick deletion of multiple items when cloning POs.
  • Vendor quick notes are now displayed when editing a PO and when cloning an existing PO.
  • Added ability to store PO specific documents.
  • Added Pending Transfer to list of available fields for PO and Batch PO Creation.
  • Vendor PO Days value of zero is now treated as no expected date.
  • POs created via Batch PO Creation will honor the individual vendor expected date calculation.


  • Added ability to view previous posting information for partially posted credits and payments from the unposted selection window.
  • Modified AR statement formats to change column header from "Balance" to "Running Balance" for improved clarity.
  • Added customer PO and transaction reference to the AR outstanding transaction reports.
  • Single statement processing now sets the email address to the selected customer when emailing the resulting statement.


  • Added the add description on items for both vendor and customer RMAs.
  • Vendor receiving and customer RMA receiving and shipping windows, are now customizable.
  • Added return reason and expected resolution fields to the list of available fields for both vendor and customer RMAs.

Reports / Export

  • Updated print engine to version 22.
  • Emailed transactions will now include the transaction number as part of the attachment file name.
  • Vendor reports can now be limited by vendor code range and exclude inactive vendors.
  • AR account history and transaction reports now default back 365 days instead of beginning of year.



  • Added Server Migration function to the Atrex Database Server Administrator. (Requires Support Contact)
  • Improved the SMTP connection test email send to more closely simulate a real email send.


  • Import file and map paths are now semi-persistent and will remember the last location within the current Atrex session.
  • Import map files are now stored in json format to allow for mapping the same value or field to multiple target fields.
  • The import data source can now be modified without having to restart the entire import process.
  • Added ability to import using a SQL query against any Atrex EDB database.

Resolved Issues

This section lists corrections to issues in the program that were identified after the last build of v21 and fixed during the development of v22.

  • Forced PO batch PO filter to upper case stock code values in the filter entry window.
  • Item descriptions were not being updated in the Sale Price Maintenance window after insertion.
  • Forced customer ranking reports for TopN reports to descending in the event that the descending flag was removed in the report template.
  • Container costs for cloned transactions were not being recalculated until the the transaction was saved and reloaded.
  • Inventory order multiplier was incorrectly allowing negative numbers to be saved.
  • Images for stock codes that contain illegal characters for the Windows file system are not included with the inventory image extract.
  • Defaulted values during imports to date fields are not updating properly.
  • Unable to enter trailing ? to indicate starts with text match for the beginning category in report criteria.
  • Customer sales ranking report not sorting properly.
  • Right click menu popup on the order shipping window was triggering Atrex login if the user does not have rights to change transaction date.
  • Credit card entries entered onto transactions cannot be deleted if not using an integrated card processor.
  • Stock code rename/merge not properly updating the PO Quote Item table.
  • Tag lookup table is not being validated during batch processing.
  • Deleting inventory categories or manufacturers was not deleting related sale price or customer special pricing entries.
  • Using "begins with", "like", or "ends" with filtering on a full text indexed field is throwing query error.

Functionality Changes

This section lists changes to the program that either remove or substantially change previously existing behavior within the Atrex package.

  • If upgrading from v16 or older. The transaction line item delete function now behaves consistently within both new and edit functions. Line items when deleted, are deleted permanently without the ability to undelete them. This immediately releases the serial numbers associated with the deleted items and allows them to be added to a different stock code instance or container if they were added to the deleted item during the current editing session.
  • If upgrading from v13 or older, all payment information on invoice, order, service orders, and the AR tables has been moved to a separate table. To help reduce the impact of these changes, a optional compatibility mode is present to allow most reports designed for Atrex 11, 12, and 13 to function properly. Once a report is opened and modified in Atrex 22, it must be manually updated to accommodate the new database structure.
  • Windows XP and 2008 operating systems are no longer supported.
  • Support for credit card processing via PC Charge and IC Verify has been removed.
  • Support for the MagTek iPad device has been removed.
  • When moving from a plain text credit card processor, the card tokenization process will only tokenize cards on open service orders, sales orders, or cards already on customer records.
  • Removed unused SOJob column from the serial number table.
  • Invoices created by shipping orders with pre-paid amounts can no longer be voided. In order to properly adjust the customer account, a sales return must be performed.
  • Custom reports that use the direct data access functions from within the RAP toolbox need to be modified to use Int64 instead of Integer variables to hold the database object pointer.
  • Default backup location for local databases if no path is specified will default to the "Backup" folder below the data location to be more consistent with backup naming conventions.
  • Removed customer name format option from customer window. This should have been removed with Atrex 20, but was inadvertently left in place.
  • Worldpay Datacap integration has been replaced with the TriPOS integration.
  • Between, Not Between, In List, Not In List, and Does Not Contain filtering options are incompatible with full text indexed fields and have been removed.

If you are upgrading from a version of Atrex earlier than 21, version 22 will also include the changes that went into versions Atrex 8, Atrex 9, Atrex 10, Atrex 11, Atrex 12, Atrex 13, Atrex 14, Atrex 15, Atrex 16, Atrex 17, Atrex 18, Atrex 19, Atrex 20, and Atrex 21.

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